I was walking out of the rec center when I heard the girls at the front desk having the following conversation.

Girl 1: And it's not small.
Girls 2&3: Oh, I know, definitely not.
Girl 1: I mean, it barely fit...
Me: *thinks, "Wow, this is so not an appropriate conversation for the main desk at the rec center!"*
Girl 1:...in my trunk.
Me: *thinks, "Oh. Not what I was thinking of then."*

And I kind of did a double take, so the girls all gave me weird looks. Which I may have deserved.

Completely unrelated to that, I had an entertaining phone call yesterday. When I call a business for my job, I basically identify myself and ask for someone in charge of facility maintenance. That's what I did for this call, but since the phone wasn't answered with a professional-type greeting, I was bracing myself for accidentally having the number to a residence and being cussed out. Instead (and imagine this in the thickest South Carolina-type southern accent possible) I get, "I wish we had facility maintenance 'cause your voice sure is sexy, but we don't do that sort of thing here." I managed to recover and (hopefully) politely end the conversation, but as I was hanging up, I heard the guy go, "Lordy!" Ironically, 2 phone calls later, some guy called me "son," which is a little odd since I raise my voice an octave and soften it to make work phone calls in the hopes that I come across sounding non-threatening and non-telemarketer-like. I also sound 10 years old, but whatever.

Completely unrelated to both those things, my dad's on a business trip this week. Last night, he called my mom to talk to her, and he mentioned that he went to Hooters yesterday for lunch. My mom asked how it was, and my dad said that the food kind of sucked. My mom was forced to point out that the food is not actually the main attraction at that restaurant.



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