My baby brother graduated college this past weekend. All the kids in my family are done with undergrad. So weird.

Also, someone needs to tell the University of Dayton that no one in the world wants to listen to them list off 1,417 names of the undergrads while handing out degrees. Thank goodness I brought a book. :)
When you're forced to take a week off from working out because of being sick, don't jump back into the workouts with a 6-mile run.

Related to that, holy cow, my quads hurt!
In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have doubled the difficulty of my core workout then increased the difficulty of my sprint intervals on consecutive days. I sort of can't move without being in pain right now. I have never been so glad to be working at a desk.
First of all, I love Jon Stewart. I really, really, really do. The unedited version of the Jim Cramer interview? So, so awesome.

Secondly, I need to start calling off on Friday the 13th. I worked on Friday, October 13, in 2006 at S&B's, and there were disasters every 5 minutes. Today there was only 1 disaster, at 3 PM, but it took me the rest of my shift (2 and a half hours) to untangle it. It still wasn't fixed fully when I left. I had to hand it off to someone to finish it. Someone screwed up something in the system that resulted in a customer's shipping and billing addresses being switched, and because of various issues attached to the situation, it really took 2 and a half hours to sort it all out, complete with managers and the corporate office. At one point, another employee who knew what was going on said to me, "This is what we in the business call a 'learning experience'." I said, "That's nice. Where I come from we call this a clusterfuck."

Lastly, this is just highly amusing to me, and I have to pass it on. It's a shame I'm not still in college because then I could print it out and stick it on my and Jayma's door. So, at work, when we're not doing anything between calls, the newer people are supposed to be doing online lessons about the products we sell so that we can sound more knowledgeable on the phone with customers. The lesson I'm on is about potentiometers. I was actually sort of skimming while trying not to fall asleep when I came across the following passage.

"Potentiometers have a shaft that is turned to adjust the resistance value, which is available in a number of different lengths and thicknesses. Shafts can be slotted at the end, especially important if the shaft is not longer than the bushing.

"The threading around the shaft is called the bushing, and is used to secure the potentiometer when it is installed in a panel opening. Potentiometers are available in single-turn and multi-turn versions."

(Bolding is theirs, by the way.) I read it about 5 times while giggling madly. Who knew potentiometers could be so dirty? Definitely woke me up. :D
For the past 2 days, I've been going through orientation at my new job, and a group of 12 of us are being trained on the CRM database. It's a test system, so that we don't screw anything up on the main system, which means they have us make up names and companies to practice entering things into the system. As a result of being given free rein with names and being rather bored, the following are now customers in the test system at my new job: Dean, Sam, John, and Mary Winchester, Nathan Ford, Sophie Devereaux, Parker, Alec Hardison, Eliot Spencer, Steve Carlson, Christian Kane, Jack Bauer, and Tony Almeida. Have I mentioned that orientation is really, really boring? o:-)
After the 2 stringent pro-life homilies at the church I tried during October, I started going to another church that's smaller and 15 minutes away. Today the priest started in on this homily about volunteering for activities at the church and getting more involved in church life. To his credit, at least he was asking for time and not money. Anyway, a few minutes into the homily, he veers off on this tangent about the Freedom of Choice Act. No idea why, but he starts in on this random thing about how when church law and society's law don't coincide, you end up with the Freedom of Choice Act, which is going to force all doctors and nurses to perform abortions, which will lead to doctors and nurses quitting their jobs, and this country will ultimately be left with no doctors or nurses whatsoever. I was listening to it and thinking, "That doesn't strike me as the most likely outcome, actually..." Then he went back to talking about donating time to the church. It was very bizarre. I'm hoping that this is just a passing thing and doesn't become a running theme at this church, too.

Dear 24,

Jan. 12th, 2009 10:09 pm
With the abundance of things that blow up and cars that crash and terrorists that attack the US and people that die during the show, perhaps you might want to have Jack Bauer wear his seat belt when he's in a car. Just a suggestion.
I wish I were kidding. I was at the pharmacy after my workout getting a prescription renewed, and the pharmacist noticed that I had an old cross country shirt on from my high school team. He asked if I was a student at the high school, and I felt kind of bad because I was just like, "Excuse me?" It was so odd. What made it worse is he had my account up on his screen, and one of the things they have to verify is my birthdate, which includes my birth year of 1983. He was really surprised when I told him I've graduated both high school and college. Then for some reason, he thought I was a teacher. I don't know why because the only information he had on me at this point was that I'd graduated college, and I was refilling my Xanax. Maybe a lot of teachers need Xanax?

Ooh, time for 24. Mmm, Kiefer.
Flipping through the mail tonight, I found out that the Cleveland Clinic sent me a brochure titled, "The Cleveland Clinic's Guide to Menopause." No idea why. They've gotten my birthday wrong before in their systems, but never that wrong.

Completely unrelated to that, have I mentioned how much I hate the first 4-6 weeks of every year at the rec center? Because I really, really do. All those people with their New Year's resolutions to get in shape and lose weight, which would be totally fine, except they pack the rec center, use all the good cardio equipment, and never look twice at the rules. Especially which direction the indoor track runs. There are giant red arrows showing which direction the track is going each day, and there are signs telling you to look for the giant red arrows if you happen to miss them. And I still end up practically running over people going in the wrong direction, and then they have the nerve to give me a dirty look. One day I'm just going to snap and start yelling. Except I can't really yell while I'm in the middle of running, so I'll probably just breathe really hard while glaring. Still, people are annoying.
Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping my 2009 is better than my 2008.
Reason I will miss my local rec center when my pass expires in early 2009: There is a very pretty boy that lifts weights on the same days I lift weights, and he's always wearing those compression Under Armour shirts. Fortunately, there are mirrors everywhere, so it never looks like you're staring at what you're actually staring at. o:-)

Reason I will not miss my local rec center when my pass expires in early 2009: The freaking girls swim team from the local high school has started practices again, and they're using the rec center's locker room like their closet. It's very annoying. It would be one thing if I were walking into the high school's girls locker room and it looked like this, but this is the city's rec center. I feel no need to navigate around sports bags all over the floor and trash thrown everywhere. And apparently the lockers are useful for drying bathing suits, although I don't know why they'd do that because everything in this town is 5 minutes from everything else. Wring out the suit, shove it in a bag, and take it home. Put the sports bags in the lockers, and leave room for everyone else to change. Ugh. So annoying.
You see the news report about the mausoleum that was broken into one county over, and the 3 bodies that were disturbed, and your first thought is, "Clearly someone's being haunted, and Sam & Dean are just trying to salt & burn the bones. Leave them alone and let them do their job!"
Holy crap, my room is cold! Note to self: When the weather forecast is 57 and rainy, leaving the window open all day is a bad idea.

I keep seeing drivers doing very stupid things on my way home from working out this week, and inevitably, every driver has pulled into the Shiva Vishnu Temple I pass. I wonder if this trend will continue.

I remembered tonight why I have a tendency to not work out towards the end of the week. I went to use the lat pulldown machine at the rec center, and I currently set it at 85 lbs. I walk up to it, think, "85 lbs," set the larger increment weight at 80 lbs, then set the smaller increment weight at 10 lbs, and think, "OK, 85 lbs." *facepalm* In related news, I can barely lift my arms over my head.

And lastly,

Dear Random Guy At The Grocery Store Tonight,
I realize that the stereotypical grocery store employee is a slacker high school/college student. I also realize that this grocery store in particular is notorious for hiring slackers who are not always entirely lucid. However, none of this explains why you looked at me, saw my cheap S&B's fleece, cheap S&B's yoga pants, and dried sweat from my workout I had just finished, and proceeded to assume I worked there. Seriously? Also, I don't care that you think I look really familiar, I just want to go home and eat my dinner! Go away.
I've never done it before and I'll never do it again, but I think I'm rooting for the Yankees tonight.
YOU SUCK! Completely losing signal 15 minutes into Supernatural's season premiere is a really good way to make me mad. Bastards.

If anyone needs me, I'll be crying in a corner.
Seriously, how does everything go wrong at the same time? My health insurance is currently sitting on a bill for bloodwork that they're refusing to cover until the Cleveland Clinic confirms that the tests were "medically necessary". Because I love getting stuck with needles by people who don't know what they're doing. It's the next best thing to going to Cedar Point. They also managed to lost my receipts that were in the same envelope as a claim form I mailed in to get reimbursed on my vision coverage. I had to fax everything with a note that this was the second time I was sending it it, please expedite it.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Clinic has one person insisting there's a problem with the birth date they have on file for me and another person insisting it's fine. The person who insists there's a problem has never actually spoken to me, so I don't know how she decided there was a problem with my birth date, but whatever. Hopefully it will get sorted out at my doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

As the icing on the cake, when my roommate and I filled out the application for the apartment we're moving into tomorrow, we were told that our balcony faced the correct way for satellite. When we looked at the building, a number of balconies on the same side as ours had dishes on them, so we decided to sign up for satellite instead of dealing with Time Warner cable. Dish Network called me yesterday to say that they tried to install satellite in the apartment next door to us a while ago, and it was on the wrong side of the building for a signal.
I got to see the X-Files movie tonight, and I totally enjoyed it. It basically felt like a 2-part episode shown on a movie screen without the commercials and without those damn "To Be Continued" screens that drive me nuts. Anyway, totally enjoyed it, but it was rather creepy. Frankly, after watching 2 women be abducted from their cars, driving home in the dark on a street with very few streetlights freaked me out.

Also, last night I watched the Supernatural episode where the boys chase the wendigo in the Rockies in Colorado. Probably not the best episode to watch a week before going on vacation in the Rockies in Colorado. Plus, with my luck, I'd run into a wendigo but never see Sam & Dean.

Unrelated to either of those, I have to drive my brother and one of his friends to a bar in town. I really wish my parents would stop giving him money for gas. Then maybe he'd realize that it's Not Cheap, and him asking for rides all over town seriously cuts into my budget.


Jul. 10th, 2008 01:10 pm
I was officially hired by S&B's and started training on July 11, 2005, so 3 years ago tomorrow. It's generally a bad idea to criticize your new company in training, but they mentioned the first week that they were looking to double the number of stores every year for 5 years, and my first thought was, "Holy shit, they're going to go bankrupt within 3 years if they try to do that!" 

*dies laughing*


Jul. 7th, 2008 10:08 pm
Bye, CC. Please don't become an Indian killer for the Yankees next season.
I have this 4-year-old Dell desktop, and like all 4-year-old computers, it's running significantly slower than it used to. Shocking, I know. Anyway, I was going to buy an external hard drive, back up all my files, then reformat the hard drive and reinstall XP. Except now there's a virus on the computer in the system files, so I think I'm going to skip the external hard drive portion of the process, back up the files on my laptop, and then reformat the hard drive. Since I've never actually reformatted a hard drive on purpose, (The time where my previous computer uninstalled its own operating system totally doesn't count.) I was wondering if any of my tech savvy friends could answer 2 questions.

1. When I go to back up the files I want to keep, is iTunes going to throw a fit when I start moving some of their files to another computer? I don't buy from iTunes that much because I prefer Amazon, so I've never run into DRM issues, but now I think I might. If I can't save the stuff, it's not a huge deal. It's only about 3 songs and 2 Buffy episodes, so it's not like I'd go broke buying it a second time, but it'd be nice if I could just move it.

2. Reinstalling XP shouldn't be a problem, but am I going to have a problem trying to reinstall Office? I've heard horror stories where Microsoft refused to believe people weren't trying to install Office on more than one computer, so the people were forced to buy brand new versions of Office. Again, this one isn't a huge deal because I bought Office for $5 at the Student Union 4 years ago, so I think I got my money's worth. If I can't reinstall it, then I'll just download Open Office, but I was wondering if anyone knew if I should even try.

I have a feeling this may end up being a weekend project. We'll see.
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