Mar. 13th, 2009

First of all, I love Jon Stewart. I really, really, really do. The unedited version of the Jim Cramer interview? So, so awesome.

Secondly, I need to start calling off on Friday the 13th. I worked on Friday, October 13, in 2006 at S&B's, and there were disasters every 5 minutes. Today there was only 1 disaster, at 3 PM, but it took me the rest of my shift (2 and a half hours) to untangle it. It still wasn't fixed fully when I left. I had to hand it off to someone to finish it. Someone screwed up something in the system that resulted in a customer's shipping and billing addresses being switched, and because of various issues attached to the situation, it really took 2 and a half hours to sort it all out, complete with managers and the corporate office. At one point, another employee who knew what was going on said to me, "This is what we in the business call a 'learning experience'." I said, "That's nice. Where I come from we call this a clusterfuck."

Lastly, this is just highly amusing to me, and I have to pass it on. It's a shame I'm not still in college because then I could print it out and stick it on my and Jayma's door. So, at work, when we're not doing anything between calls, the newer people are supposed to be doing online lessons about the products we sell so that we can sound more knowledgeable on the phone with customers. The lesson I'm on is about potentiometers. I was actually sort of skimming while trying not to fall asleep when I came across the following passage.

"Potentiometers have a shaft that is turned to adjust the resistance value, which is available in a number of different lengths and thicknesses. Shafts can be slotted at the end, especially important if the shaft is not longer than the bushing.

"The threading around the shaft is called the bushing, and is used to secure the potentiometer when it is installed in a panel opening. Potentiometers are available in single-turn and multi-turn versions."

(Bolding is theirs, by the way.) I read it about 5 times while giggling madly. Who knew potentiometers could be so dirty? Definitely woke me up. :D



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