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About a month ago, I open one of the many House of Blues concert schedule e-mails I get, and on the e-mail, it says, "October 22: Eric Church and Christian Kane." I nearly fall off the couch while asking, "How did I not know about this?" I immediately text my brother to ask that he go with me and bought 2 tickets. And here's my recap of tonight so it is forever saved. :)

I got there early since I got the standing room only seats, and I'm all of 5'3". (Next time I'm totally springing for the reserved seats. I cannot deal with that many people standing that close to me for long periods of time.) Met my brother down there since he had class nearby until about 7:30 and the concert started at 8. We were waiting for the concert to start and watching the stage, since there was nothing else going on, and we saw someone come out onto the stage, make a couple stops, and walk off. I say they must be getting ready to start, and my brother (who's not really all that familiar with Kane) sounds all confused as he says, "The guy walked out and put a beer at each microphone." I was like, "Yep, they're definitely getting ready to start." :)

Now, the entire past month I've been waiting for this concert, all the information was from either House of Blues or Christian Kane's e-mail list. Nothing on the Steve Carlson front, so I'm happy that I'll at least get to see Christian Kane. The band comes out, and I can see Christian Kane and most of the stage to the right of him. Halfway through House Rules, the crowd shifts just so, and I nearly keel over because there's Steve Carlson with Christian Kane. I kept trying to get a picture of the two of them near each other on stage, but people in front of me kept moving and blocking the shot. I got this one:


which is really nice. This one:


is a perfect example of someone moving their head into my nice picture.

The music was incredible, and I loved it. They played Different Kind of Knight and Rattlesnake Smile, which may be my 2 favorite Kane songs, so I was thrilled. I think my brother liked it too, minus the sloshed idiots we were standing near.

After the set, I was kind of wandering around needing fresh air, but also looking for the band. I bought a shirt before the show, and the guy who sold it to me said that they'd be greeting fans between their set and Eric Church's set. (Which turned out to be a full 45-minute break, but that's a separate issue.) I'm walking around, getting fresh air when I can, and sort of looking to see where the band might be when I turn around and Steve Carlson is standing Right. There. Not more than 10 feet away. I mosey on over, and they're taking photos with fans, as promised, and Christian's available first. He pulls me over to him for picture:


And the brief conversation with him.

Christian: How are you doing, sweetie?
Me: *possibly squeaking in delight* I'm great! Thanks so much for coming to Cleveland!

Then it was over, and I was left it awe at how amazingly hot he is in person. Next came Steve:


My brother stayed where we stood for the concert while I was doing this, so a fellow fan took the picture and said that Steve looked demonic.

Me: *pulls up the picture on the camera* No, you look good.
Steve: I look hot. You do too. *squeezes my waist*
Me: *dies*

I may have managed a "Thank you" in there but I'm not sure. Probably not. Again, blown away by the hotness in person.

Also, as I was waiting for a picture with him, the fellow fan who was taking my pictures reached over to pull up the sleeves of Steve's shirt to see his tattoos. Yet again, totally hot, so thank you, fellow fan whose name I never got. And Steve made a comment about how he'd lost weight and how the shirt he was wearing was too big, which completely explained why my first thought at seeing him up close was, "He's skinnier than I thought."

Um, I think that's everything. Eric Church's part of the concert was pretty fun, except for the drunk people behind us who kept falling into us, and the couple to my right who made out the entire time. I only knew 1 song of his, so I might have to listen to his latest CD because I enjoyed the songs tonight.

In conclusion, Christian Kane & Steve Carlson? Way hotter in person. They totally need to come back to Cleveland soon. Either that or I may have to move to a city that they're more likely to tour in.



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